Why choose an independent agent?

There are an overwhelming number of options when it comes to your insurance.  Each major company that advertises has people who work only for them and, in order to shop around, you either have to trust one of their quote comparisons or take the time to schlep around and meet with each and every one of the companies.

And that’s just for your home and auto!

Once you throw life, health, and any speciality needs in, you have a giant mess of numbers, locations, and contact information.

Enter: your independent insurance agent.

While those major companies are spending money on marketing, there are smaller, better rated companies working with independent agents.  These independent agents are part of the community and, because they work with so many insurers, they know the pulse of the industry.

We are able to provide a more flexible, more affordable, and more comprehensive plan for you than any single company.

Yes, we all want the least expensive insurance out there.  That said, we don’t want cheap insurance.  When we have a claim, we expect our needs to be met, and be met quickly.  The majority of your independent agent’s insurers actually have better claims experience than the big advertisers.

When we review your policy annually with you, we will make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.  If you’re not, we can simply move you to one of our other companies.  If you tried to do that with one of the major advertised companies, you would have to completely change your agent.

It’s simple: your independent agent is your all-in-one solution who will take the headache out of your insurance experience.