Homeowner’s Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is something that we are excited about at the Eddie Arriola Insurance Agency!

The basic policy starts with your dwelling, the actual building you live in (we also insure mobile homes!).  It moves on to your contents: basically anything that, if you tore your roof off, turned your house upside down and shook, would fall out.  Furniture, appliances, clothes, electronics, dishes, toiletries, and so on.

The big thing that people don’t realize their homeowner’s policy has is liability.  If someone gets hurt on your property, your liability will kick in up to its limits in a lawsuit.  If your dog bites someone else’s dog at the dog park, your liability will kick in when they come after you.  If you accidentally hurt someone and they come after you, that’s a liability claim.

It’s an amazing coverage to have and one that saves a lot of families’ assets.

One of the most valuable conversations many people have with us is regarding their jewelry.  Every single homeowner’s policy has limits on the jewelry.  Making sure that your jewelry is properly

Finally, there are a lot of ancillary coverages, like food spoilage in a power outage, HOA increases due to losses, loss of use, and many other things.

Call me today or request a quote and we can go over all the ways a homeowner’s policy can benefit you.