Shopping for Quotes: to Redact or Not to Redact

We’ve received many declarations pages over the years with the premiums blanked out. Clients are afraid, for one reason or another, to show us how much they’re paying for what they’re receiving. Oddly, this has only happened with auto insurance quotes.

Generally, people who blank this out are trying to get us, the agent, to show them the lowest price we can offer. They’re afraid that if we see they’re paying three times our lowest price, we’ll split the difference and pocket the commission. When this happens, we’re being seen as a salesperson, not as a consultant.

There are a few things to consider.

First, the agent has no say over pricing. Pricing is based on an algorithm unique to each insurer based on things including, but not exclusive to, client’s loss and violations history, model of car, size of car, price of car (for comprehensive and collision), and a number of other factors. Even more, premiums have to be approved by each state’s insurance board.

Secondly, as an agent, we are going to have a range of companies to offer, all with different claims satisfaction ratings and insurance package features. If company B is a better fit, but $50 more each year than company A, it will complicate our process in explaining our recommendation to you. As soon as you show that you don’t want us to know your current premiums, you have told us that price is the most important consideration for you.

Our job is to find not necessarily the best price, but the best policy for your budget. If we have all the information in front of us, we are much more empowered to give you the best options available.

Apples to apples only works when you’re getting the right apples in the first place. If you’re paying for honeycrisp but only getting Granny Smiths, let us know. Remember, while we try to save you money, we’re really in the business of saving your money.

As always, if you have any questions, comment, call, or email us.

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