An open letter to my clients: The Next Big Switch

Dear all of my clients,

Many of you will be receiving much of this post in the mail, but I want to expand appropriately where I can.

Thank you for your business and helping make the first year and a half of the Eddie Arriola Insurance Agency successful after our venture into becoming an independent agency.

It has been an interesting 18 months, and I have learned many things along the way. I have fallen short in a number of aspects of customer service, but I have also done many extraordinary things. The important thing is that I am continuing to grow and learn, and working to do better.

Working to do better means many things to me. It means following through faster, offering more comprehensive service, and streamlining the processes that you, my clients, don’t see, in order to make things easier. For those reasons, we will be terminating our affiliation with Pacific Crest Independent Insurance Alliance.

Due to a contract misunderstanding, you, my dear clients, will not automatically transition with me. If you are interested in making this transition with me, please go to and fill in your name. I will contact you and facilitate this process, but can only do so if you fill it out.

So what’s in store for you when you come along?

  • Faster customer service and policy servicing
  • More insurance carriers
  • More businesses we can write
  • More homes and situations we can write
  • Insuring homes with bully breeds
  • Rebranding to focus on bringing more to our clients
  • The ability to expand our service team
  • A mobile app

Between being able to do more and bringing the app to you, I am excited to make this change. My goal is to help you have more access to your insurance, make it easier to look up information and pay bills, and still keep your personal agent on hand. These changes will forward that.

Every day I seek to do more and to help out in new ways. This is a giant leap forward for both myself, the agency, and for those that continue to be a part of my company.

Thank you for your business, your trust, and your patience during this transition. I look forward to our continued partnership and taking this jump with me, allowing me to help protect you and help you grow in the future.


Eddie Arriola

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