How we work

We believe in an old fashioned way of doing business.

Sure, it’s easy to call an 800 number and get someone who knows something relevant any time, but does that person know you, your needs, your goals, and your family?  Could you even get that same person again?

We take the time to sit down with you and discuss your financial situation: what assets you have at risk should something happen, how you want to manage them going forward (build retirement, start a college fund, get a house, etc.), and how best to manage all of that on your budget.  We then review, with you, your protection program annually just to make sure that you’re still properly covered.

Should your needs change or goals change, as they often do, we have the flexibility to work with multiple companies which will give you a better program than you’ll find with any single company.  When you trust someone you shouldn’t have to fire them just to get a better deal.  With us, you won’t have to.