Shopping for Quotes: to Redact or Not to Redact

We’ve received many declarations pages over the years with the premiums blanked out. Clients are afraid, for one reason or another, to show us how much they’re paying for what they’re receiving. Oddly, this has only happened with auto insurance quotes. Generally, people who blank this out are trying to get us, the […]

Tucson Model Magazine

We are super excited to be a featured businessperson in Tucson Model Magazine. They are a Tucson based bi-monthly publication which highlights local artists, causes, and businesses. From their website: Mission: Tucson Model Magazine celebrates the hallmarks of local everyday business. Our goal is to showcase the talented leaders, role models […]

Thanksgiving Safety Tips

Thanksgiving is almost here, and we at the Eddie Arriola Insurance Agency would like to give you a few quick tips for a safe Thanksgiving! 1. Make sure your turkey is completely thawed, especially if you’re frying it. A thawed turkey will cook more evenly, decreasing the chances of undercooked […]

Grand opening and ribbon cutting!

We are so excited and pleased to announce that, after years of work, we are finally having the official grand opening of our office! The event will start Thursday, November 13, 2014 at 6 pm. Our address is 5995 E Grant Road, Suite 125, Tucson, Arizona 85712. Please do swing by […]

Halloween Safety Tips

Halloween will be here in less than a week and, despite it’s fun nature, there are many unique hazards associated with this unique holiday. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have a list of excellent health safety tips here. Also, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has an exhaustive list […]

Batteries: a hidden danger

The title of this blog post pretty much gives away the content, but I want to flesh it out more than “hey, be safe with your batteries.” Batteries are used in a multitude of things.  We have them in our wireless mice and keyboards, our cell phones, our laptops, and, most […]