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  • 7 surprising things about final expenses

    I lost my grandmother in late June and, while my work has helped prepare me for many things associated with final expenses, I was still surprised by much. 1. The fees First are the fees. All the fees. Fees to get the death certificate, fees to open the plot, fees to fill the grave, fees fees […] more>>

  • Friday Insurance Tip: The Return

    When I started my agency in 2012, I had no idea the massive transformations it would go through. I had no idea about the myriad nuances in the industry. All I knew is that I wanted to help people make sense of an overly complicated industry to empower them to help their loved ones. The […] more>>

  • An open letter to my clients: The Next Big Switch

    Dear all of my clients, Many of you will be receiving much of this post in the mail, but I want to expand appropriately where I can. Thank you for your business and helping make the first year and a half of the Eddie Arriola Insurance Agency successful after our venture into becoming an independent […] more>>

  • Shopping for Quotes: to Redact or Not to Redact

    We’ve received many declarations pages over the years with the premiums blanked out. Clients are afraid, for one reason or another, to show us how much they’re paying for what they’re receiving. Oddly, this has only happened with auto insurance quotes. Generally, people who blank this out are trying to get us, the agent, to show them the […] more>>

  • Tucson Model Magazine

    We are super excited to be a featured businessperson in Tucson Model Magazine. They are a Tucson based bi-monthly publication which highlights local artists, causes, and businesses. From their website: Mission: Tucson Model Magazine celebrates the hallmarks of local everyday business. Our goal is to showcase the talented leaders, role models and entrepreneurship of our community […] more>>